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These testimonials from satisfied customers who have purchased the House Building Guide speak for themselves. of the best things that I liked were the sample Specification that you gave us to us to get agreed upon in writing. I also liked the sample contracts. These two things were worth the price of your product. I am a Civil Engineer.....

Nickey Strahan, Arkansas

Your building guide is the BEST! In the past I have purchased a few books on "how to build or how to be your own GC" but nothing has compared to your product. I loved the fact I could download it and modify the Specifications to my own needs. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. It tells me the process step by step and examples of building materials.

Rose Reiner, Minot AFB ND

You package was very useful in understanding the big picture of building a house. The example contract and specs. were great! I will use these as a template when I have finished drawing our house plans (by hand) and get with my builder to start the paper work process of building our house. The Healthy home portion was helpful also.

Edwin Griffin, Tennessee

I am finding it very useful and full of common sense information. There are some invaluable questions to ask your builder and things to look out for.

Steve Marietti, Minnesota

Jim, overall this is a great manual. The only thing that has slowed me down, is that I am building in Texas. ... We don't build underground here. (Very few basements) Besides that it's sound great for beginners.

Jeff Novosad, Texas

The guide is very good -- I especially was intrigued by the health guide, as I am a season allergy suffer (and dust & mold as well). The section about chemicals in building materials is very interesting. There is a local builder who swears by wood foundations -- allegedly they're supposed to be better, for moisture, than traditional concrete, however I have reservations about the arsenic that goes into treating the wood.

D.G., Minnesota

I enjoyed reading the House 'N Home Building Guide. I don't know if I will go ahead and build a house, but if I do, I'm sure the many tips in your book will help me get a better house for less money. I especially like to idea of taking responsibility for buying items like appliances myself. I did this last year when I remodeled my kitchen. It makes sense not to pay the builder extra when I want to select the appliances, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and even closet storage systems myself.

Marie Nelson, Maryland

I have enjoyed the information that I receive from House. I am always looking for new tips and info since we will be building in the
spring. I think that the guide I purchased will be very useful. Thank you.

Carmen Wood, Pennsylvania

The guide has been helpful as we are in the beginning stages of building a new home. We are interviewing builders and reviewing home plans at this point. The information has been helpful during the interview process. We look forward to the next stages of building our home.

Bob Harris, Virginia

I have read your Guide and found it very informative. I have not yet begun to build my house yet, but hopefully within the next year or two. I am quite sure that your guide is going to save me thousands of dollars.

Dr. Jason Graf, North Carolina

I truly appreciate your extra efforts to send the hard copy to us as well, which was received yesterday in the mail. In today's time, so few companies go the extra step to remedy a situation, it is nice to know there are still some out there that go above and beyond. Thank you!

M.C., Georgia

Just dropping a note to say "thanks" for such a great resource. We bought your guidebook prior to our building our new home and I have to say that it's been an indispensible reference and guideline for us. Your newsletter is great as well and a welcome bit of email every month. Keep up the excellent work!

Scott Mowry Lake Ariel, PA

Thank you for the shipping information. Thus far, I'm quite impressed with the value and info content of your HnH writings. Am building a custom retirement home on 35 acres in SW Colorado next summer, so the information is very timely for me. I'll carefully select a General Contractor in the Pagosa Springs area using your suggested guidelines.

Jeff Grovhoug San Diego, CA

Just wanted to say that I found your site very interesting. I encountered the same problems when it came to GC'ing my own home; however, I work for a construction management company and got a LOT of fabulous FREE advice on what to do and look for. Since I specialize in code enforcement and OSHA regulations, I had access to a lot of information most people don't have a clue about. I built my home 3 years ago for about $145K, its current valuation being about $190. I walked in with a LOT of equity. Anyway, just wanted to say you have a GREAT site that obviously needs to be featured a great deal more. I will pass along to friends and colleagues to get your site name out there. Sounds like you have some great information!

Good luck, Sam Leitner West Columbia, SC

You package was very useful in understanding the big picture of building a house. The example contract and specs. were great! I will use these as a template when I have finished drawing our house plans (by hand) and get with my builder to start the paper work process of building our house. The Healthy home portion was helpful also. I got a similar product from another outfit and basically it was a CD of house plans the Guide portion was useless compared to yours.

Edwin Griffin Knoxville, TN

The adobe worked. Many thanks. My husband has reviewed your guide and is very pleased. It is proving to be extremely helpful. We only wish we had found this sooner. Well worth the money.

Jim & Mary Thomas Monrovia, MD

Thank you so much for your excellent book! The MS Word file attachment was no problem at all to download and my husband and I are benefiting from every page of it! As we both agreed, it's not necessary to waste two hundred pages of printing when you get to the point with a simple, straight forward approach. Thanks again!

Jeanne Cain Pressler Fort Worth, TX

I have purchased your guide and it has been a god-send!! My question to you is about stand alone ranges, particularly does the grease and other cooking odors get into the rest of the home? There is no place to put an overhead hood and was wondering what your experience has been with them. Thanks in advance for your time.

Randy Linn St. Cloud, MN

Thank you again. I will tell you that we are going to break ground in the next two months and are using a lot of your very informative information. It was a great purchase that put everything in perspective for us. Thanks again

Marc and Michele Schulze Boston, MA

Thank you so much! Your Guide is the best and we couldn't proceed without it.

Steve Warner, Lakewood CO

I am very thankful for your book. It has lot of information laid out in a very nice way. It equipped us with enough knowledge to deal with our builder, who was surprised at the information we knew and I believe that this will help us decrease our cost of building without jeopardizing the quality of our house.

Balakrishnan.B, Fayetteville, NY

I got all your documents and they are great. We met with the builder and things are going fine. We picked a VERY reputable builder and I think that's 75% of the battle. …Everything else is great though. The builder's 1st draft was set up almost exactly like your samples and his specifications were almost uniformly the same as yours. Thanks again

Francis S., Esq., Cleveland, OH

Appreciated the value of the House Building Guide. Will use the info with clients. Good work!

Carrie Thomas
Sawdust Partners
Shohola, PA

Your resource has been extremely valuable. I also appreciate the newsletters.

Lisa Bergersen
Delafield, WI

We have gone thru the information that was sent to us. It has been very informative and made us be more realistic in what we need and want in a new home. As for building right now, I do not think so. We will not have time prior to us getting back to our home state and start to build before winter sets in. The book gave us a lot of insight into both small & large things that might confront us when building. So now we must take a step back and look at things from several different angles concerning contractors, materials etc... Thank you for the time & effort that you put into this book for those of us who have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

Kevin & Rita Crews
Virginia Beach , VA

I thought it was very insightful and made us think about a lot of things we need to include in the contract and plan set.  We are buying land this week, have gone and met with the bank to get pre-approved for the land loan and construction loan.  We have started going to builders to look at models and I noticed a lot of things in some of the models and the information they provided on "what is and what isn't included in their construction costs" that you brought up in the text of the book.  Some builders even mentioned the way they install 6 panel doors using the 3 hinges instead of 2, etc.  We plan to build a custom home and the information you provided will come in very handy!  Thank you!  It was well worth want it cost!

Anndelee Gregg
Germantown Wi 53022


We are using the material as a tool in working with a house designer and in the selection of a builder. At this time we have found it to be helpful and consider it worth the investment .

Rob Roseliep
Grosse Pointe , MI


We have found the booklet very informative so far.  We are just starting the home building process, looking for good GCs.  We used parts of the contractor interview to create our own more comprehensive spreadsheet.  We plan to use the other interview to
verify our assessment of the GCs. Thanks very much,

Tom Johnson
Charlotte , NC


You did a really, really good thing by writing this... but reading between the lines - I'm sorry for what you had to go through to know to warn others!

Luanna Gary
Hudson , WI


I am actually a builder and I ordered the book so I can be prepared for any questions that might be asked by a customer. It is a great book and is something I will always be able to refer to in the future. Thanks

Trey Pace
Jackson , MI


I have enjoyed reading your book.  It is very informative and has helped me to understand the process better.  I can not say that it has helped me directly in building my home thru no fault of the book.  I have been dragging my feet to proceed.  Ihope to get things togather and start soon.  Thank you

Chris Stefka
Victoria, TX


I was really glad I purchased your guide. It has really helped- and will especially the next house I build. It met all of my objectives. Thankyou,

Jody Platt
Lake Park , GA


We are not building for 10 or 12 years from now, but wanted to educate
ourselves.  The book has been very helpful in helping us to frame an
idea of what we do and don't want and how to go about building a house.

John Muir
Hillsboro , TX


I love this news letter.  It will be a great benefit to me & my family for the next 3 years, as we are planning to build.

Thank you,

Simone Boucher


We have not yet started any projects.  We were planning to start on a second home, but things change.  We may add a bedroom and bath to our existing home soon, then reconsider the second home in a couple years.  Either way, the information is still useful and gives us ideas to help meet our budget.

Mark Haggerty
Boise , ID


I purchased the House N Home Building softbound book without the CD, which I found to be really helpful.  Now I would like to download the documents as instructed in your cover letter received with my book, BUT, I do not have a record (cannot find any information received at purchase) of my "Downloading Instructions (including password)."
Would it be possible for you to verify my purchase and send me instructions on how to download the document? 
I thank you for your help with this.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your fast reply!  I know that soon I'll be writing a testimonial about your book.  We are in the "find the right house plans", "find the builder" mode right now.  Thanks again,


Anna Summers
South River, NJ


The guide was very informative - good work.  We decided to buy something (already built).  I would recommend your ebook to anyone planning on building.  I don't remember how I came acrost it but getting links into "" or "" (if it isn't already there) would be the only suggestion I can think of

Mark Haggerty
Boise , ID


We have not yet started any projects.  We were planning to start on a second home, but things change.  We may add a bedroom and bath to our existing home soon, then reconsider the second home in a couple years.  Either way, the information is still useful and gives us ideas to help meet our budget.

Luanna Gary
Hudson, WI


My husband and I would like to thank you for putting together such a
resource book.  It has helped in become more knowledgeable in the
building process.  We have not begun, but we wished we had known about the guide before we even bought land.   Now , with the information we have learned we can build  a  home for less.


Lynn Hightower
Lithia Springs, GA


I found your book most interesting and useful, even though we ended up buying a 6-yr old house. It gave us a lot of pointers on what to look for. The house building lists were great. Thanks,

John Burns
Southbridge , MA


The guide was very helpful.  It prepared us to ask all the questions necessary, and some that weren't but better safe than sorry.  We are on our way and the project starts this week. Thanks for you help

Jeanne Morgan
Gales Ferry, CT


I am still in the process of looking for property, but I did take time to look through the products you sent me.  I was very impressed, and I believe that your products will be most helpful when I am in the process of selecting home plans, a builder, etc.

Rae Wiseman
Haymarket, VA


I found the house n home building information EXTREMELY helpful and find myself constantly looking back at it.  I would recommend your product (and have) to anyone who is considering building. Thank you

Barbara Kester
Summit Hill, PA


My wife, Sandy,  and I are still about two years away from seriously
beginning our home building efforts.  I have, however, read your book and found it to be very informative.  Am really looking forward to the time when we can seriously focus on beginning to build our dream (retirement) home... .

Joseph Easterwood
Oakhill, VA


We used your guide for interviewing builders and it was extremely helpful.  We were much more confident about what we wanted and expected.  It really helped us ask the right questions, so we were all talking apples and apples.  We are first time home builders, so they seemed to appreciate the fact that we had taken time to do some prep work before meeting with them.
We are looking forward to using more of the information as we progress.  Sincerely,

Pat Lipe
Alpharetta, GA


The House Building Guide does fill a unique niche in the literature. We appreciate you allowing us to purchase it for the library setting. I see no sign that it is being abused. You might consider putting out an edition just for the library market. Libraries particularly in the paths of Katrina and Rita should have exceptional interest.

K Aust, Gulfport Library
Gulfport, MS


The House Building Guide is a wonderful resource. It has provided me with much useful information

-Angela Palmer
Montgomery, AL


James, thank you for the quick response. The book and amount of info is great - it will most definitely be a tremendous help as we go through this home building process.

Tom Clancy
Florence, KY

The guide has been very helpful. We are taking our next house project very slowly, but we keep referring to the guide as we work forward. The lot selection guide has been very helpful as well as the financial information section.

J Fleming
McCordsville, IN


I really enjoy your newsletters. I have learned much from them and your site. We are currently building our home with a custom builder. He claimed he never had anyone research him as much as I have, thanks to your tips.

Dan Dunfee
Allen, TX


This is as complete an aid to the home builder/owner as could be. It was a great help in determining what is needed in building a new home.

Josephine Kelly
Raton, NM


Your house building guide was valuable in my selection of a contractor and in my negotiations with the contractor. I would recommend it to any one who is contemplating building a house. I have selected a contractor and the plans have been submitted to the local government for approval.

Chuck Dabney
Washington, DC


Thank-you for inquiring on our house building project. We cannot thank you enough for the useful information we have learned from your book! After reading your material, we made the decision to start our project...... Your book is a very useful resource tool. Once again...Thank-you!!!

Bruce and Janice Hammonds
Webster Groves, MO


We found your information to be most helpful in finding the right contractor and especially dealing with a final contract. Thank you for your help.

Carl & Cheryl Maggio
La Mesa, CA


Have been too busy with my airline job to make much progress on my house
building project, however, I have carefully studied all the material sent
to me which are very informative and, I am sure, of great help in the
future.  I thank you for the monthly newsletters and the follow-up support.

Bill Naj
Chicago , IL


I am impressed with your House Building Guide and all the things you have
managed to think of when writing it. I think that a major problem with most
people either building their own homes or acting as their own general contractor is that they don't think of all the little things that need to be considered before getting started. This takes the guesswork out of the process, and thus makes the whole effort somewhat less intimidating.

Jerry Randall 
Nova Scotia, Canada



We are very pleased with your product and look forward to utilizing the home building reference material as we begin the journey of building our 10 unit apartment building.  As we begin the process we will make sure to forward pictures of our progress.  Thanks again and we look to using the latest tools to look-up costs of building materials.

Gloria Hailes
Montclair, CA


I received the Guide and I've found it full of good information.  It
will be about two years before I build my house, but in the meantime this
Guide is invaluable. Thank you,

Jan Rogers
Riverside, CA


I have ordered the guide and it is a wonderful resource. Thank you.

Tania Cherry
Durham, NC


Two years ago I purchased your package. It was a valuable tool and has helped as we gone through the construction process for our new home which should be completed within the next 6 weeks. The journey has been interesting with many unforeseen demands and delays on the part of the county and the utility company. The builder is wonderful and the house is really taking shape now. We made one amendment very early as a result of your advice to think through as many details as possible up front. Thanks again.

H Pernell
Bowie, MD


Your information is very helpful. Subscribing to your newsletter has been a smart choice for us. My husband and I are still in the planning stages of our new house. We are also building a house with our son who is a senior in construction engineering at Louisiana Tech in Ruston -- for us it is an investment and for him it is a learning experience! Your information is helping in that project also.

Diane Edwards
Shreveport, LA


has always been there. The courage has been lacking to really attack such a project. I have always wanted to build my own home. The interest and basic knowledge Using your Home Building Guide has given me that courage. No it has not given me an attitude that I know it all, but it has given me the ability to formulate a plan. We will start in mid May to build our retirement home, having a move in date of October 31st. I will be using a builder who will be looking over my shoulder as a mentor. I will be my own general contractor for the construction of our home. Following your Home Building Guide and the advice of the builder I feel I have a very good chance to save on the construction of the home. Again thanks for producing the Home Building Guide.

Bill Bigelow
Boonsboro, Md


The guide has been very helpful. I am in the process now of trying to secure land to start my project. The land/lot checklist will certainly aid me in finding a great lot to start building. Thanks

Kimberly Sims
Jackson, MS


Thank you for the follow-up! Yes, I have found the book to be very interesting and quite informative. We are in the very early stages of building a new home so there is much to be done in the months ahead.

Bob Benarick
Lake Mary, FL


We have not started building our new home, but are enjoying the useful information in the House Building Guide. We hope to get started on our house soon and would be happy to send a photo when it is completed. We look forward to checking out the other photos. Thanks for a great publication!

Kelly Williamson
Rock Hill, SC


Your book helped me get this project under contract and interface from 800 miles away. I have a great builder and know how to ask the right questions! We communciate every three or four days ... I have only been to the job site once after construction began! The key is choosing the right builder.

J. Sullivan
Springfield, VA


Your product and service were great. You have given us some valuable tips as we search for the right builder for our home. Thank you.

D. Michels
Germantown, IL


Your offerings are phenomenal! I especially appreciated your availability to help with advice and referrals, personally. Thank you!

Lisa Stark
Highlands, CA


The product has been very helpful, We are just starting to break ground and should be done in about 6-7 months. I have used the guide for ideas and also some of the contracts that you provided. I would not change a thing. Thanks

Mark Blythe
Westminster, MD


I am still working on it and your stuff is great!

Mark Laughran
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